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The Ansiwell Line stimulates concentration and mental focus and reduces stress, anxiety, irritability and nervousness, enabling you to succeed in tasks such as presentations, meetings, and general activity

Ansiwell Fast (1).png

A food supplement that stimulates concentration and mental focus

Ansiwell Voyage (1).png

A natural food supplement that acts against symptoms of stress.

Stress is the body’s response to changes in life. It may come from many sources, known as stressors. Stressors can be emotional or physical in nature. People experience stress on a daily basis from problems at work, relationship problems, financial issues, busy schedules or even the minor changes in a daily routine.

It is important to pay attention to the signs showing that your life comprises too much stress. The symptoms may be physiological and emotional, such as depression or anxiety, anger, irritability, lower interest in intimate life, feeling unmotivated or confused, problems with memory or concentration.

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